Pictures from Customers

Pen lovers who purchase boxes from me to protect their precious pens and ink often send me pictures with their pens in the box I made for them.  Please contact me if you see a box here that interests you; I often can create another similar one.  I’ll try to note any boxes that are truly one-offs.



Where are my customers?

Click on the map to enlarge and see customer locations.  Many are repeat customers or have purchased more than one box.


Gurkha Viper, finished with MinWax “Gunstock” stain and hand-rubbed varnish, fitted with two levels holding five pens each.  Perfect protection for pens in regular rotation.

Gurkha Viper (see above) and Ninja, finished to match the Viper, for ink storage.

A good-looking pair for a desktop.






Davidoff Lancaster, a pocket-size cigar tin, fitted with velvet pen tray and a padded “tongue” to hold pens in place.  Pens, left to right: Waterman Patricia, Columbus Extra 130, Pelikan 320 (modern), Osmia Faber Castell 662.  This particular tin is difficult to find, but I have other pocket-size tins that can be finished in similar fashion.


Carrillo Edicion Limitada 2010 fitted with a tan felt interior.  This box has jewelry box style hinges and comes in a velvet envelope.  Very rare box.  Those are all handmade custom pens!  Brampton, Ontario, Canada.






Arturo Fuente Hemingway and Flor Fina – one for pens, one for ink.  And really, isn’t a box named “Hemingway” simply destined to hold pens?  Lakewood, OH, USA.






Arturo Fuente Presidente and Flor Fina – again, one for pens and the other for ink.  The tall  Iroshizuku  tsuki-yo bottle has plenty of room in the Flor Fina box.  In Ireland.




Arturo Fuente Rosado with a red interior shows off the pens quite nicely.  This one is in Madrid, Spain.












Saint Luis Rey Rothchilde fitted with a removable pen tray over an ink storage compartment (tall enough for Noodler’s bottles).  Hoyo de Monterrey Excalibur No. I and No. II boxes for ink.  All of these are in Fort Worth, TX, USA.

SLR Rothchilde with pen tray in place SLR Rothchilde with pen tray aside

Cohiba Crystal Corona, double-decked to hold 23 pens.  Yes, those are all PFMs!  This box is in Lincolnshire, UK.

BrickHouse Corona Larga, double-decked to hold 18 pens.  In Lawrenceville, NJ, USA.

penbox3a penbox1a

Hoyo de Monterrey Excalibur No. I, for ink bottle storage.  Finished with MinWax “Gunstock” and hand-rubbed varnish.  Oakland, CA, USA.

Casa Magna Gran Toros double decker with “saddle” style pen compartments.  Los Alamos, New Mexico













Cain Executive Collection, finished in “Gunstock” with patterned suede cloth and matching felt dividers.  What a nice pen collection!  Spicewood, Texas.






Rocky Patel Signature with green felt interior and rare earth magnet closure.  El Paso, TX, USA

Signature House Blend, fitted with a removable tray for five pens and plenty of ink storage.  Another desktop solution, this one in New Mexico, USA. 








Cain Turbos Lanceros, a display box with a clear top panel.  Interior covered with a patterned suede cloth.  Filled with some beautiful pens.  Ithaca, NY













Studio Tobac, a sleek modern black box fitted with saddle style pen compartments in light tan suede cloth. Rare earth magnets for closure.  Baltimore, Maryland








Carrillo Encore box with Parker Vacumatics and 51s, and Montecristo tin box with a nice array of Esterbrooks, both in San Jose, CA.

Padron double decker, a Perdomo Lot 23, and a Griffins XVI, all in Laval, Quebec, Canada.

El Producto Queens Vertical Pen Box with original artwork in the lid

George Salazar El ProductoSixteen pen capacity.   Jersey City, NJ











Several boxes from a repeat customer in Arkansas:





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