Special Project – Jim Bowie Tribute

My second collabaration was with Darrell Eisner of Halifax, Nova Scotia, who conceived a tribute to Jim Bowie.  Darrell teamed with Seamus Rooney of Witchita Falls, Texas, to create a special fountain pen in honor of the great frontiersman who died at the Alamo.

The barrel of the pen, by Eisner, is made of cypress from the Acadia Plantation in Thibideaux, Louisiana, formerly owned by Bowie.  The cap, by Rooney, incoporates a Texas flag and a carefully scrolled one dollar coin honoring Bowie.  The coin was wrapped around the flag, then encased in resin, then turned to a fine finish.

Accompanying the pen in the display are a block of US commerative Alamo stamps, another of the Bowie coins, and a bottle of Bowie ink made of whisky (Bowie was an avid whisky drinker).

I assembled the display itself, starting with a Perdomo Patriarch cigar box, creating Bowie-themed artwork for the outside and inside of the lid, and fitting a custom tray to hold each of the items securely in a faux leather bed.

The result is a fitting tribute, evoking the essence of Jim Bowie.

Pictures at the bottom show me, Seamus, and Darrell (as a pirate).

You can contact Seamus at www.texomapens.com and Darrell at www.scotianpens.com



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