A Steampunk Styled Box

I’ve done many black boxes before, but recently thought that a “steampunk” styled black box would be interesting.  Here’s my first try, an Ashton box converted with steampunk airships pictured on and inside the lid and “brass” and “leather” forming the pen holders.

The box will hold seven pens and the “leather” is actually patterned suede cloth, so the individual pen compartments are quite soft and will protect your pens from damage.

The Steampunk box is priced at $25 plus shipping.    SOLD If you are interested in this box, please email me with your location for a shipping price quote.


Ashton VSG Wizard for pens and ink – SOLD

The Ashton VSG Wizard is one of the few boxes deep enough for those tall Noodler’s ink bottles.  It is relatively rare; this is only the second one I’ve found in nearly two years.  It measures 8″ by 7″ by 4 1/2″ deep and I can fit it for ink only or for a combination of pens and ink.  A combination box is especially handy on or near your desk, as it can keep your current rotation of pens plus your favorite inks ready for use, yet nicely stored. Continue reading